Bosmac looking back to looking forward


Bosmac in 2019 – Looking Back and Looking Forward to the Next Gen

Engineering Quality Local Products – 1981-2019

It was 1981 – Malcolm Fraser was leading the country and Neville Wran was running NSW. A truck drivers’ strike in most states triggered the QLD Government to declare a state of emergency over the threat to food supplies and Robert (Bob) Haddin was gearing up to launch into business in Parkes.

Along with Rodney Butler and one single employee (apprentice Brady Burns), Bob was taking his knowledge and expertise in design engineering and applying it to the great Australian dream of owning his own business.

Bosmac in the 80’s – The Beginning…

Bosmac initially started out focusing on small machinery before moving predominantly into farm equipment. In the early years, the company specialised in designing, engineering and manufacturing custom machinery and equipment.

By 1982, Bosmac had manufactured their first grain auger which was a special order for BP East End Machinery. This was the start of Bosmac’s partnership with the agricultural industry and the development of a standard range of agricultural augers, roller mills and accessories.

As the 80’s progressed, so did the business. By 1988, Bosmac boasted 14 staff and a factory area of 1000 square metres.

The business was concentrated on manufacturing and distributing their own products including augers, seed and super “Planta” bins, hydraulic harrow bars, three-point linkage kits, and the cutting and supply of sprockets, splines and small gears to QLD, WA, throughout NSW, New Zealand and Fiji.

In 1987, Bosmac expanded into manufacturing and exporting explosives mixers. Bosmac began offering made-to-order mobile manufacturing units (MMUs), ammonium nitrate fuel oil (ANFO) mixers, ammonium nitrate augers, explosive storage magazines and tote bins.

Bosmac Today… 36 Years of Quality Engineering

Bob was steadfast in his belief that there would always be a market for locally made equipment specifically for Australian conditions. The philosophy of Bosmac was, and still is today, highly focused on engineering for practical application. That is – to manufacture items that Bosmac staff would use themselves.

The business focus continues to be on locally made equipment engineered to contemporary Australian Standards specifically for Australian conditions, bespoke engineering solutions made by locals for locals, and ‘outside the box’ engineering solutions for all applications.

After 48 years in the industry, Bob has handed over the management of the family business to his son James in recent years. James and the Bosmac team continue to provide the knowledgeable personal service that Bosmac is known for.

Personal service you can rely on is central to who Bosmac are and the reputation they have built for supporting the agriculture, manufacturing, processing and mining industries that the region is built on.