Pencil Augers

Pencil Augers

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Bosmac manufactures multipurpose pencil augers suitable for a range of grain handling applications from short-term transfer to fixed installation.( please note stand and hopper shown in photo are not include in price but can be purchase separately pick up only)


  • Efficiently moves 7-10 tonnes per hour depending on product and angle of tube
  • Long lasting 0.55kW or 0.75kW single-phase motor
  • Safe operating guarded belt drive
  • Low maintenance
  • Durable steel guards

Optional Extras

  • Pulleys and belts for electric motor
  • Flexible spout 0.6m (2ft) with adaptor
  • Adjustable stand with non flattyres
  • poly hopper with guards
  • Choke

Pencil Auger Standard Sizes

Auger Size Auger Height at 35 Degree Barrel Diameter Motor Motor Kw

3.6m 12ft 2.06m (6.88ft) 100mm (4 inch) 3/4 HP 0.55Kw
4.3m 14ft 2.47m (8.03ft) 100mm (4 inch) 3/4 HP 0.55Kw
4.9m 16ft 2.81m (9.18ft) 100mm (4 inch) 3/4 HP 0.55Kw
6.1m 20ft 3.50 (11.47ft) 100mm (4 inch) 1 HP 0.75Kw